The Indian consumer is becoming the most sought after and extremely vigorous in response to global trends that are impacting them.

Is the Indian consumer climbing the “Hierarchy Pyramid” and moving beyond the basic physiological and safety needs? Is the Indian consumer moving to spending more on personalized experiences & unique product offerings?

Is the Indian consumer becoming more experimental?
What’s driving the trend?

Our assertion is that this has happened in the last 3 years. What has really happened in the last 3 years?

Nearly everyone you see around has a personal mobile device which is always connected. Maybe your normal Indian consumer might not be able to articulate what’s difference between an internet browser and Google.

Or when asked they might just say that I don’t use the Internet
(Shocking – right?).

But the fact is that each of them is online 24x7 via their mobile, using Whatsapp, Facebook, Insta, YouTube, TikTok, Food Ordering, Ecomm shopping, Paying via UPI and so many other things. And believe it or not – this wasn’t happening 3 years ago.

Let’s talk some numbers to put things into perspective:

Being a consumer insights company, why are we talking about this?


Social, cultural and economic shifts are happening very fast. Video calls, ePayments, Ecomm, Food ordering, TikTok weren’t part of our daily lives a few years ago. Huda Khattan and Nisha Madhulika weren’t celebrities we would read about.

We didn’t even realize when Nykaa, Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Bigbasket & Grofers replaced Sarojini Nagar market, Pandara Road, Sabji Mandi and Lajpat Nagar shops in our lives.

And we didn’t even realize when Hotstar, Prime, Netflix, Zee5 and so many other video platforms took over hours and hours of our life.

We now have a new breed of Indian consumer
which has transcended across Gen-Z and millennials with velocity.





This shift allows new brands to be created at high speed. This shift allows launching and testing of products easy and smoothly. This shift gives power to distribute and communicate. This shift gives thousands and millions of spokespersons across geography to market the brand.

Let’s see beyond Ecomm, Food, Videos and Payments.

This shift has flattened the world so much that it gave opening to new cosmetic brands, new personal care brands, new electronics brands, baked snacks, ethnic drinks, beer brands, yogurt brands and guess what – chai brands.

All this taking advantage of two key shifts:
Shifting Media and Shifting Commerce.

Innovation in this shifting world becomes truly challenging. Pricing, Product, Placement, Promotion – all need constant measurement and re-visiting.


In this fast shifting world, you need accurate data and fast. It’s cliché but important – Data is the new fuel. But delayed data is like having an AC on a 45 degree hot summer day with no power – can’t do anything with it.

You need data, measurements, insights – fast and accurate.

In this fast shifting world, your consumer is shifting behaviours, shifting feelings and shifting loyalties.

You need to move at the same speed as your consumer.

This has led to the new age of market research, where digital methods allow researchers the opportunity to accompany people in a non-obtrusive way, and observe them in the environment of their real lives.

That’s why Crownit was born. Crownit is born in the new era of the shifting world. Crownit’s DNA is agility, accuracy and velocity.

Crownit is Mobile-First. Crownit is full-stack. Crownit delivers Fast and Accurate insights. Across Brand, Marketing, Product, Shopper & Digital.

Shift Is Happening Fast